Calling the Emergency Services

Calling the Emergency Services 

When should I consider ringing the Emergency Services?

  • Medical Emergency
  • You have been involved or witness a serious road traffic accident
  • Fire/ Explosion
  • Rescue required e.g. mountain rescue, drowning
  • Require urgent emergency assistance from An Gardai, the Ambulance or the Fire Services
  • Genuine Emergency- it is a criminal office to make a hoax call to the emergency services  (The maximum penalty for making a hoax call is €5000 and or 6 months custodial sentence)

Who are the Emergency Services?

In Ireland when you ring 999 or 112 you are required to ask for the emergency service you require, they are one or more of the following

  • Fire Service
  • Ambulance
  • Gardaí
  • Coast guard

Which number do I use?

  • 999 or 112 are the official emergency telephone numbers in Ireland, which allow the caller to contact emergency services free of charge form a mobile or landline, for urgent assistance.
  • 112 is a European emergency contact no. and was introduced in Ireland in 1998 to run parallel with 999.

Neither number has priority over the other, and neither number provides a faster service over the other. In Ireland  they are the same.

How do I make a call if I am hard of hearing?

  • A hearing impaired person must pre register their mobile telephone no. on linking their phone to their home address

Then in the event of an emergency

  • Simply text 999 or 112 with Emergency details, the call handler will text back to gain more information… Emergency service required, location of the emergency
  • The operator will then ring the Emergency Service on your behalf relaying the information you have given them.

Once Connected to the Emergency Services

Try to remain calm and speak clearly

You will be asked:

  • What service do you require??
  • Your name and phone number (so that if you get disconnected, they can call you back)
  • The address/location of the emergency
  • What is your emergency- what is happening
  • Are there reports of anyone trapped or injured
  • The operator may then ask you additional questions to gain more information to help the emergency crews
  • Do you require any other emergency services

Remember do NOT hang up the phone…Stay on the line until the operator tells you otherwise

Learn more about calling the Emergency Services by clicking onto our presentation CFOA Calling the Emergency Services or access the BFireSafe@school website for addition teacher and student resources