Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers work on the principal that if any one of the sides of the fire triangle is removed the fire will be extinguished

Fire Triangle

  • Fuel – combustible substance i.e. Solid, Liquid, Gas
  • Heat – energy
  • Oxygen – Supports A chemical reaction

If any of the above are missing, fire cannot start.

If any of the above are removed the fire will be extinguished.


Methods of extinguishing fires

  • Starvation – depriving fire of fuel i.e. Combustible materials  –Removing the fuel side of the triangle of fire.
  • Cooling – depriving fire of heat i.e. Water will absorb heat –Removing the heat side of the triangle of fire
  • Smothering – depriving fire of oxygen –Removing the oxygen side of the triangle of fire


Classification of Fires

Fires are broken up into different classes depending on their fuel source. Fire Extinguisher will have the class of fire they are suitable to fight clearly indicated on them.


Know your extinguisher

Not all fire extinguishers can be used on all fires. It is important to know which type of extinguisher is suitable for the fire you are dealing with, below is a table to help you understand fire extinguishers better


How to use a Fire Extinguisher

Remember Only fight a fire if it is safe to do so. Never turn your back on a fire, always have an exit plan. A fire extinguisher is intended for use on small fire only. If in doubt

Get OUT, Stay OUT & Call the Fire Service OUT

When using an extinguisher remember the word PASS

Pull – pull out the pin

Aim- aim at the bass of the fire

Squeeze- squeeze the handle

Sweep – sweep from side to side